Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to read dog food reviews

How to Read Dog Food Reviews
When you’re searching for the best food for your dog, going to the manufacturer’s website isn’t enough. To gain a better understanding of what’s in your dog’s food, you’re going to have to navigate through the arena of dog food reviews. While it’s easy to simply take dog food reviews at face value, this isn’t always in your best interest. In some cases, a single dog food review may not give you an accurate idea about the quality of a specific formula. Here is a quick guide to help teach you how to read dog food reviews.

Reading the Negative Reviews
The first thing that most people read is the negative reviews of a product. This is because many dog owners want to know what negative things other dog owners are saying about a specific dog food formula. However, when reading negative reviews, it’s important to remember – People are much more likely to write a review of a product that they don’t like. This means that the proportion of positive to negative reviews could not be an accurate description of the quality of the food. Also, some people may write a negative review of a dog food formula simply because they don’t like the company that makes the food.

Reading the Positive Reviews
When reading the positive reviews of a dog food formula, be on the lookout for “planted” reviews. These may be reviews written by the employees of the dog food company that is being reviewed. Reviews that sound like a glowing commercial for the formula may be planted reviews. Also, some people may write positive reviews of a dog food formula without having any experience with it. An example of this would be reviewers who hear good things about a formula, and then give the formula a good review, without having ever fed the formula to their dogs. 


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